Chroma ID Bonding Color Mask 6-88 RUBY

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Schwarzkopf Chroma ID Ruby Bonding Mask is a versatile, low commitment color mask that allows you to quickly and easily refresh your hair color at home. If you're looking for endless color opportunities that won't harm your hair, this is the product for you; indeed, each mask is formulated with a unique combination of semi-permanent pigments and patented hair care innovations, which improve the quality of your hair while coloring it. With integrated Bonding and Low Salt technologies, this color bonding mask balances the pH level of the hair and reinforces its inner structure at the same time. It also features keratin and panthenol, two hero ingredients that will help seal the hair cuticle, giving you smoother, silky soft hair. 

The perfect compromise between color and care, the Chroma ID color bonding masks are available in multiple colors you can mix and match to your heart's content. Available here is the Ruby shade, which creates bold red tones on dark blonde hair colors. As a result, it allows you to maintain your pure color and express your true identity for longer; no need to drop by the salon!


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