This Isn't Greenland INFINITE

This Isn't Greenland INFINITE

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This Isn't Greenland is from OPI Iceland Collection in 2017. This is the fall/winter collection of 2017. At the beginning, I was a bit hesitated to try this color because just by looking at the bottle, I am not sure whether I like this greyish moss green lacquer. However, I have decided to give it a go because I really like green polish. This Isn't Greenland has an unusual color. Out of all my OPI polishes, I do not think I have a color quite like this. A color that comes close will be OPI Uh Oh Roll Down The Window from OPI Touring America Collection in 2011. However, This Isn't Greenland is lighter than Uh Oh Roll Down The Window.

The application is quite easy. The formula is great. It has a creme finish and I manage to use only two coats to make it completely opaque. I use just a small amount of polish to make sure that I do not have lots of streaks. It does look very opaque and smooth on my nails.

I have olive warm skin tone and to my surprise, this one compliments me very well. I am actually very surprise. For me, This Isn't Greenland looks like a casual color that I prefer to wear jeans and T-shirts than a formal dress. But who know? May be others will find it look great in a black dress?

I prefer to wear this in Fall/Spring because it is a good transitional color. I quite like This Isn't Greenland and will definitely buy another one.


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