That's What Friends Are Thor INFINITE

That's What Friends Are Thor INFINITE

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That's What Friends Are Thor is from OPI Iceland .This belongs to the Fall/Winter collection of that year. The color is a dark chocolate brown that has a grey/black undertone and a hint of red. I like to say it is a cool tone but somehow still finds a bit of warmth to it. The formula is a creme finish.

The application for this one is quite easy. I can get the nails opaque in two coats. The application of the first coat is pretty solid, I only use tiny a bit more polish to make my nails opaque in two coats. Drying time is quick too. I also apply a shiny top coat to make the nails look prettier.

This is definitely a winter color to me. It is dark but not blackened. I can definitely see the brown even in indoor lighting. Quite pretty and will wear this one again in the cold months.


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