QUADRAPLEX Phase lll Three

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Phase III was formulated to be used after a chemical service in salon and once a week as part of the home care regimen. This phase's unique formula contains a blend
of proprietary synergistic molecules that target damaged areas on hair structure, naturally restoring the hair's integrity. Its well-balanced composition of various vitamins and actives molecules provides the ideal biological activity to repair, protect and maintain healthy hair. Long lasting nourishment and protection is obtained by
maintaining a weekly routine.

Phase III is not a conditioner. It was not formulated to be used on a daily basis but rather once a week as part of the Quadraplex home care regimen. 

Features and benefits:

  • Gently detoxifies hair
  • Formulated with Oligo's exclusive IDT
  • Smoothes cuticles
  • Extracts harmful toxins produced by environmental pollutants
  • Increases hair resistance against pollutants
  • Can be used once a week to maintain hair quality
  • Sulfate and paraben free


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