NIOXIN System 3 Cleanser Shampoo

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Nioxin System 3 Cleanser Shampoo is specially formulated for those who have chemically damaged hair. System 3 Cleanser removes oil and debris such as sebum, fatty acids and environmental residue which can block hair follicles. The Nioxin Cleanser helps in amplifying hair texture and protecting hair against breakage. This purifying shampoo helps to revitalize and refresh your scalp while restoring the original state of your hair.

Get Amplified Hair Texture 

Deep cleansing shampoo by Nioxin targets the hair that has been weakened due to experimenting with different kind of chemical treatments. Enriched with European botanicals and rich humectants, this protecting cleanser moisturizes dry scalp. This further provide relief from tightness and tension from dryness. The Bionutrients and Activ-Renewal help in providing more youthful-looking scalp complexion while preventing further breakage, making your hair look shinier, healthier and little thicker.

Get Healthy Looking Thick Hair

Nioxin Volumizing Shampoo is formulated using proteins and amino acids that helps in removing environmental residues from the scalp skin and hair. The eco-correctives contained in this scalp clarifying shampoo remove pollutants and toxins from scalp while adding thickness and strength to each hair shaft. System 3 professional cleansing shampoo by Nioxin helps in maintaining the health of hair, while reducing hair loss to prevent complete balding. This hair styling product is recommended by hair stylists, dermatologists and physicians.


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