NIOXIN Bodifying Foam

NIOXIN Bodifying Foam

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Nioxin Bodifying Foam - 200ml 

Give a fuller-looking finish to hair with Nioxin Bodifying Foam. This hair styling foam provides manageable body and lasting hold. This styling form is specially formulated to treat thinning hair while providing strength and nourishment to weak and damaged hair. The innovative formula of this multi-tasking styling foam provides sturdy hold to the locks while creating the illusion of thicker, fuller looking hair. 

Get Manageable Body and Hold 

Nioxin Bodifying Foam Mousse is ideally created for those who want to achieve extra volume and workable hold. This lightweight volume mousse contains phenols, Methylparaben, Menthol, and Arvensis Leaf Oil as major constituents. The phenols kill microorganisms and restrict their growth, thus help to clean the hair. Menthol provides cooling, soothing and scalp-stimulating effects. These ingredients provide nourishment from the tip to the root of the hair. The use of volumizing reflective bodifying foam ensures cleaner, healthier and thicker hair. 

Get Fuller and Thicker Locks

This thickening styling foam is formulated with innovative ProThick technology which is a complex of thickening polymers. The foam coats each hair and the polymers form bonds between strands for space–allowing for a denser style and fuller appearance. The space created gives a thicker appearance on the hair and makes achieving your desired style easier.


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