Moisture Co+wash Whipped Cleansing Conditioner

Moisture Co+wash Whipped Cleansing Conditioner

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With one-stop washing, Moisture Co+Wash not only merges shampoo and conditioner into a conveniently single maneuver, but actually infuses dry, brittle hair with the kind of nourishing ingredients you normally get from a deep-conditioning treatment. Plus, we threw in a cool dispensing system that puts a dollop of this sulfate-free, ultra-rich, aerated cream right into the palm of your hand, a dollop that's HALF the size of other two-in-one shampoos. With Co+Wash, just a tiny bit will give you slip.

Perfect choice for:

Dry, brittle, or undernourished hair of any type or texture, Co+Wash actually reduces breakage by up to 59 percent.

The inside secret:

Ultra-rich oils and butters like Jojoba, Murumuru, and Shea, combine with resurfacing marine botanicals and minerals to deeply moisturize dehydrated hair, while restoring its hydro-lipid barrier to prevent dehydration and frizz.


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