Aloxxi Ultra Hot YELLOW Semi Permanent YELLOW

Aloxxi Ultra Hot YELLOW Semi Permanent YELLOW

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Ignite color with this vibrant palette of shades that deliver incredible shine. All ULTRA HOT Intense Semi-Permanent Fashion Colours are formulated with Advanced Direct Dye Technology for more even color results that fade on tone. They can be intermixed for easy customization. 

Advanced Direct Dye Technology: this technology contains positively charged cationic dyes that create a magnetic attraction to negatively charged hair for longer-lasting color results that fade on tone. The light, cream consistency ensures even color distribution.

When to use Ultra Hot:

  • To deliver endless color possibilities with 10 intermixable shades
  • Create pastel shades
  • Add a smokey effect to any shade by using ULTRA HOT Black as a mixer
  • Intensify shine on natural or color treated hair


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