Pennsylvania Town Surprised its UPS Driver with a $1,000 Gift


UPS driver, Chad Lane, has been delivering to Dauphin, Pennsylvania residents for over a decade, and almost everyone in the town has had a positive experience with him. ⁠

An example of why he is so loved: Dauphin resident, Adam Shickley said "He once thought a package that was to be delivered to my house was a gift, and my kids were playing outside so he waited until his shift was done and came back just to make sure they didn't see it."⁠

In honour of Chad Turns' positivity and dedication to making his customer's lives better, the entire town of Dauphin (with a population of 800), banded together and surprised Chad with a generous gift of $1,000 and a large card signed by members of the community. ⁠

"I'm still overwhelmed and it is touching that this community feels so strongly about me" teary-eyed, Turns told CNN.⁠

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