Man Saves Elk's Life After it Was Buried in an Avalanche

According to the Good News Network, Jesse Dahlberg was on the sidelines watching as a crew was using explosives to create a series of small avalanches near the town of Field in British Columbia. Creating small avalanches is a strategy used in order to avoid a much larger and possibly devastating avalanche in the future.  

What started off as a normal procedure turned into a life threatening situation for alone elk that happened to be in the area. The small avalanche came down the the mountain and almost completely covered the elk, with only its one eye and one nostril left exposed. 

Jesse, seeing this unfold in front of him, immediately drove toward the elk as fast as he could to try and rescue it. "I didn't know how big the avalanche was going to be so I was hoping for the best... When I saw it, I thought there's no way the elk was going to survive," Jesse told CBC News. 

Jesse began to act quick and started to uncover the immobilized elk. After half an hour of frantically digging, Jesse had managed to free and save the elk's life. The elk stood there calmly afterward staring at Jesse in silent thanks.

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