What's Beautiful Today?

Canada's Oldest Person Gets Vaccinated and Couldn't be Happier
Phyllis Ridgway, the oldest person in Canada, just turned 114 on March 10th, and she said it was "the best birthday she's ever had". 
7 Year Old on a Mission to Spread Kindness with Friendship Bracelets
7 year old, Skylar Catron was on a mission to spread kindness and to make people smile. 
Man Saves Elk's Life After it Was Buried in an Avalanche
What started off as a normal procedure turned into a life threatening situation for alone elk that happened to be in the area. The small avalanche came down the the mountain and almost completely covered the elk, with only its one eye and one nostril left exposed. 
Homeless Teacher Gets Help After Former Student Recognizes Him On The Street
On his way to work, Steven Nava passed by the same car every morning. He noticed that every time he passed the car, there was someone sleeping in it. After a few weeks went by, Steven decided to check in on the person in the car.
Texas Dog Who Was Lost Since 2017 Is Reunited With Family After 3 Years Apart
The family had been moving from one suburb to another when Maddie had gone missing. The family says they "searched and searched, and never gave up.", but they had no luck. 
Pennsylvania Town Surprised its UPS Driver with a $1,000 Gift
UPS driver, Chad Lane gets a surprise gift from the entire town of Dauphin (population 800).
10-Year Old Boy Clears Snow Off Cars for Hospital Workers
A 10-year-old boy named Christian Stone decided to thank the front-line heroes battling the relentless coronavirus pandemic by clearing snow off their cars.
After Winning a Car, Chick-fil-A Employee Gifts it to Co-Worker in Act of Kindness
Haley describes the moment when her name was called as the winner: "My heartfelt as it was racing and we both stood up and ran to each other."
Grandmother Gets Prescription for a Hug
It's been a lonely year for Evelyn Shaw, who hasn't been able to hug, or even see, her family members because of the pandemic. A Prescription for a hug was the cure.
Wife Holds Husband's Hand for the First Time in a Year
After 12 months of FaceTime calls, 82 year old Basil Barnett was finally able to see her husband in person, and well, the look on his face says it all.